We are all booked up to go down to St Ives with our friends in spring, only for a long weekend however I am just excited about getting away from home! There are 9 of us staying in a cottage, although the plan is for the boys to go surfing, (way way way to cold for that - also I think I would be appalling at it...) I am thinking more chilling out and eating lots as its going to be pretty chilly!. I love booking trips away, by it in the UK or abroad. The excitement of a trip beats anything for me. 

** Note how pretty it looks in the summer and now think how cold it will be in March** 

Although we are not booked anywhere else as of yet this year I wanted to round off a list of 7 places to go by the time I am 30. That's one a year which I don't think is setting the bar too high - Kind of want to start easy!!

Italy - Amalifi coast - Sorrento

I think Sorrento looks amazing, I used to love selling it to customers in my old job. It looks super dreamy and is a great base to explore the Amalfi coast, Naples and Capri from. To be honest anywhere in Italy would be amazing to visit but Sorrento has stolen my heart and I haven't even visited yet. 


Greece - Skopelos 

Obvious reasons - it looks super pretty and Mama Mia was filmed here. This island is still super quiet and typically greek. Which is what you want from a Greek getaway. 


USA - New York 

Shopping, sights and I would have to go to see a basketball game and a show. These alone would sell it to me. 

Austria - Vienna

I would love to go and visit a Christmas market, Vienna is meant to be amazing at Christmas and it looks so magical. 


I neeeeed to explore this country, the hot springs, scenery, northern lights and whales. I get so excited at the thought of visiting here its unbelievable! Even how cold it is here doesn't put me off - and thats saying something! 


South of France

I would happily road trip down to the South of France and visit all the towns and cities along the coastline. The food and wine would be to die for too, I am sure it would charm the pants off me. 



Need I say anything?! Mauritius to me looks like paradise, the crystal clear sea, white sandy beaches and of course the hotels are just pure luxury. One day!! 

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