Rugby and tequila sunrises

Last Sunday Chris and myself went to watch his brothers play rugby at Pulborough rugby club. The boys won the match which was great, it was unbelievably cold. I think I went through 5 hot chocolates in the space of 4 hours and I had around 6 layers on - 4 of which were coats. I was gigantic. 

It was lovely to see them play, although next time I go I hope it's bright sunshine and warmer! They should change rugby to a summer sport. 

It's been a busy week at work, and I'm going to do the prince2 course for an introduction to project management. Although lots of work and an exam involved I'm excited for something new. 

On Saturday night we went into town to see Chris' friend from lifeboat play in his band, he was pretty good. After we all went for dinner at cote, it's a lovely restaurant and the food was lush. I had chicken with mushrooms and potatoes. 

We then went out for cocktails at myhotel and hotel de van which were lovely- tequila sunrises are the way to my heart (and head)

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