We are all booked up to go down to St Ives with our friends in spring, only for a long weekend however I am just excited about getting away from home! There are 9 of us staying in a cottage, although the plan is for the boys to go surfing, (way way way to cold for that - also I think I would be appalling at it...) I am thinking more chilling out and eating lots as its going to be pretty chilly!. I love booking trips away, by it in the UK or abroad. The excitement of a trip beats anything for me. 

** Note how pretty it looks in the summer and now think how cold it will be in March** 

Although we are not booked anywhere else as of yet this year I wanted to round off a list of 7 places to go by the time I am 30. That's one a year which I don't think is setting the bar too high - Kind of want to start easy!!

Italy - Amalifi coast - Sorrento

I think Sorrento looks amazing, I used to love selling it to customers in my old job. It looks super dreamy and is a great base to explore the Amalfi coast, Naples and Capri from. To be honest anywhere in Italy would be amazing to visit but Sorrento has stolen my heart and I haven't even visited yet. 


Greece - Skopelos 

Obvious reasons - it looks super pretty and Mama Mia was filmed here. This island is still super quiet and typically greek. Which is what you want from a Greek getaway. 


USA - New York 

Shopping, sights and I would have to go to see a basketball game and a show. These alone would sell it to me. 

Austria - Vienna

I would love to go and visit a Christmas market, Vienna is meant to be amazing at Christmas and it looks so magical. 


I neeeeed to explore this country, the hot springs, scenery, northern lights and whales. I get so excited at the thought of visiting here its unbelievable! Even how cold it is here doesn't put me off - and thats saying something! 


South of France

I would happily road trip down to the South of France and visit all the towns and cities along the coastline. The food and wine would be to die for too, I am sure it would charm the pants off me. 



Need I say anything?! Mauritius to me looks like paradise, the crystal clear sea, white sandy beaches and of course the hotels are just pure luxury. One day!! 

Rugby and tequila sunrises

Last Sunday Chris and myself went to watch his brothers play rugby at Pulborough rugby club. The boys won the match which was great, it was unbelievably cold. I think I went through 5 hot chocolates in the space of 4 hours and I had around 6 layers on - 4 of which were coats. I was gigantic. 

It was lovely to see them play, although next time I go I hope it's bright sunshine and warmer! They should change rugby to a summer sport. 

It's been a busy week at work, and I'm going to do the prince2 course for an introduction to project management. Although lots of work and an exam involved I'm excited for something new. 

On Saturday night we went into town to see Chris' friend from lifeboat play in his band, he was pretty good. After we all went for dinner at cote, it's a lovely restaurant and the food was lush. I had chicken with mushrooms and potatoes. 

We then went out for cocktails at myhotel and hotel de van which were lovely- tequila sunrises are the way to my heart (and head)

Chilled January

The second week of January has been a quiet one, a nice relaxing chilled week. We all went to the shepherd and dog for an almighty Sunday roast. The food there was perfect. We sat outside which they have covered over, it's almost like a barn, with heaters and these pretty amazing light bulbs. *that's when you know you're getting old* 

I also tried out a new gel nail varnish, the colour is called macchiato and it's a lovely nude subtle brown. 

We have also brought ourselves a new table, it's second hand and huge but it will be a good project for the months ahead as it needs to be sanded down and re painted/varnished, definite work in progress. 

All in all the week was fine up until Friday morning when I lost my shoe at the train station while getting on the train. It was a very special moment to say the least! 

Scotney castle

Back in November we went to Scotney castle. Although the weather was pretty naff it is a very pretty place with plenty of character. I think it would look better in the sunshine so we shall visit again in the spring. 

New Year's Eve tag

The last year has been a learning curve about myself, going into 2016 I am much happier. 

I had a lovely New Year's Eve over our friends celebrating with food, wine and laughter. I hope for more times like these over this year, I'm excited for what's to come and have plenty I want to do this year to make up for 2015 and its challenges. 

I thought I would do the New Years tag, my first tag and it was nice to reflect on the year. I wish you a healthy and happy 2016!

What is one of your favourite moments from last year? 

My favourite moments have to be going to Berlin, attending the lifeboat ball and having days out with my family.

What was one New Year's resolution you accomplished? 

I cooked one new meal a week from a recipe book, I'm much better off for doing this as I have learnt to cook and I've tried new foods. 

Three words to describe last year? 

Loving, challenging and learning.

What did last year teach you? 

The key to life is happiness- nothing should ever comprise that.

What are you hoping more for of this coming year?

Laughing with friends and family.

What is your upcoming resolution for the New Year?
To be more positive.

New year's dinner party with these kids 

Chris and myself