Two years ago this week Chris and myself went to Prague. To this day it has been the best city we have visited. It is beautiful, the architecture, people, food and style is just perfect. We would go back in a heartbeat. We visited in February and yes it was cold however I don't think I could go in the summer, the cold temperature just makes this city all the more magical. 

We stayed at the Radisson Blu hotel Prague which was lovely, the staff were very friendly and even gave Chris a Birthday cake. 

We climbed for ages up a super steep hill to get to this view and it was so worth it. Once at the top we got a lush hot chocolate and sat in the warm cafe with this view. I had to get a taxi back down though as it was such a trek! 


I love this building, it reminds me of a princess castle! 

Charles Bridge 

The first restaurant we went to for lunch was very authentic, it was tucked away in a back street and it was the best place we ate in for the whole trip. 

St Ives

At the beginning of March we all went down to st Ives for a long weekend. It was so nice to get away and chill out for a while. 

We stayed in a new house which was super modern, it was lovely. We were the first people to rent it out, it was found on air b&b and it worked out really well between us. 

The first night was super chilled, we stayed in and cooked a sea food feast and drink plenty of wine 

The second day we went in search of a cream tea and explored the town. It is a very cute town with cobbled streets, we found a man making wicker lobster pots and we had to buy one.

We then went out for a lovely meal in a local restaurant. The food was soo good and we had a really good night.

The next day we went down to a local beach for the boys to attempt to surf... They lasted 14 minutes in the water before admitting defeat!

We then drove down to Mousehole for a drink. It's a very pretty little village and the roads are tiny!

We then went back to the house and cooked an almighty roast dinner, we ate soo much food but it was super good. 

We left around midday on Monday for the long drive home. All in all I had a lovely time- I love Cornwall, it's one of my favourite places. 

Bouldering and cupcakes

This week has been super busy, one of my favourite days was on Tuesday and I demolished around 5 pancakes which were overloaded with Nutella (the only topping to have?!?) I now want pancakes every day, who ever invented the pancake is a diamond. 

I made red velvet cupcakes for Valentine's Day, the other half and I don't celebrate it as a day however I can't resist all of it and thought I would make a batch. They were lovely and super yummy, I don't have that many left... I topped them with freeze dryed raspberries and had brought red gel colouring however they defiantly looked more pink than red! I even put the whole tube of colouring in, oh well! 

We went bouldering in Portslade which is basically climbing without the ropes. I wasn't all that sure I would enjoy it however I was pleasantly surprised! The going up was fine, I stuck to the easy grips, it was the coming down I wasn't all that sure on... But we are going again and I had a great time. My body felt as though I went through a bush backwards though, I ached soo bad. *I have no biceps at all* the next day I had a class booked at the pool and by Thursday I was just dying. 
We have also booked our holiday, we are off to Italy, I am so excited!! 

1st blogging birthday

On the 8th of February my blog will be 1! Although I've not been the most consistent with it I have enjoyed it as a learning process. I started this blog as a project to keep me occupied during a job I really didn't enjoy, to use it as an outlet. I have always read blogs and thought that I could give it a go, I wasn't looking to turn it into a job and I'm still not, in fact this last year I've really enjoying it as a hobby. It's nice to have something on the side that's my own little space. 

I've decided for the year ahead to *try* and post weekly (although we'll see how that goes!!), I have learnt a new skill through blogging and Im really enjoying it. I'm going to throw myself into it more seeing as personally life has calmed down (finally-for one minute) and see where this journey takes me.

My aim for this blog was to note down my musings and use it like an online diary. A year on and it's so nice to look back and see what I got up to, and I reckon I'll like it even more as the months go on.   I have listed my 3 favourite memories via blog posts below;


Berlin was so good, it was lovely to be with Chris and the city itself is pretty unique. The funniest part of that trip was the Asparagus buffet evening- literally nothing but asparagus.  Now we like asparagus as much as the next person but not enough for a whole buffet of the stuff. I mean I swear there's only 4 or 5 ways to have it?! The best bit was the zoo though, anything with giraffes is a winner for me.


We took our new car for a road trip to Cornwall in August, we love it down there, everything is much more chilled. The beeches as well are ten times better than ours, I tried crab for the first time and now I'm converted. Over much looking forward to going back next month. 

 Lifeboat ball

In October we attended the 150th anniversary of Shoreham lifeboat. It was a pretty fancy evening at the grand, to be honest I just loved dressing up it was a lovely evening, followed by a great night out in Brighton. 


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