Chris and myself took the new car for a trip down to Cornwall. We had a three day trip going to Falmouth first then onto Fowey. 

We left at 6am and arrived into Falmouth at 11, we were way too early to check into the hotel so decided to carry on driving. We went to Penzance to have a look round and find somewhere to eat for lunch. We found a cute restaurant called Mackerel Sky down a little side street. The food was amazing, Chris had the best fish and chips and I had crab on ciabatta which was a dream, I had never tasted crab before, but now I love it. 

We then drove onto Newlyn to look at the harbor and all the fishing boats. 

After this we went on to Mousehole and went to the lifeboat memorial for those who died in the Penlee lifeboat disaster. This was lovely, especially as it looked right out to Newlyn and the sea. 

After we had explored a bit we checked into our hotel in Falmouth. We stayed at the Greenbank which was great, the location was perfect. We dropped off our bags and headed into town. 

The next day we drove onto St Agnes to take a look at the beach from the car as I refused to get out as it was wet and windy. 

After we drove though Newquay and onto Padstow, which was heaving with people and traffic. We visited the lobster  hatchery and had a drink in the pub. Who knew lobsters started off soo tiny! They are smaller than a fingernail. 

After this we went onto Fowey (Foy) which was super cute. We checked into our hotel, the Fowey hotel which was very cosy and had a lift like the one from titanic! *we only stayed on the first floor but used this lift every single time* 

We left the next morning for the 7 hour trip home, we enjoyed the trip although next time it needs to be longer!

Sheffield park

We went off to Sheffield park last Sunday, it was super pretty with every Autumnal colour you could imagine. 

Although very cold we went on a long walk, it was nice to see the sun streaming through the leaves. 

Lifeboat ball

A couple of weekends ago, myself and friends celebrated shoreham lifeboats 150th anniversary.

They had the ball at the grand in Brighton and it was such a fun night. 

The room was huge but looked very cute. The table decorations included the above and little chocolate boots. 

The food was alright, considering they were cooking for so many people  my favourite was the desert, I have a *bit* of a sweet tooth. 

We had some pictures taken by the photographer with our friends. We brought 3 of them to remember the occasion, especially as we never get so dressed up! 

All in all it was a lovely evening with far too much wine consumed. 

Wakehurst place with the family

A couple of weeks ago my family and myself went to Wakehurst place, it was a good day out with the weather keeping sunny. I think it was the last day of the lovely weather! The gardens were huge and very pretty. We also went on a long walk and saw the ducks. 

It was a nice day out and enjoyed by us all. 

An evening with friends and a yacht

The other day we spent an evening at sea just off Brighton 

It was a fun evening and lovely to see Brighton all lit up at night from sea. 

It wasn't too cold and thankfully I didn't get sea sick. 

Mamma Mia

Juliette and myself went to London to see Mama Mia, it was so good and just as happy as the film.. Plus the singers were amazing. Defiantly a must do. 

We also popped to Laduree for the best macaroons ever. The salted caramel ones were the favourite.

I had a lovely day and enjoyed the musical. I think I'm going to have to go again. 

Evening with the bestie.

I saw the lovely Juliette yesterday evening for dinner in town. We had dinner at casa ciros, which is a cute little Italian, the desert was a dream, hot chocolate pudding is lush. We went for a stroll along the pier as the evening turned out to be nice weather in comparison to the rest of the day. Plus how pretty are these roses?! Thanks again lovely!! 

Cakes and Father's Day.

I have had a good weekend with family, friends and Chris. Mostly eating... I now have a major food baby.

Mothers made a super lush cake. She makes the best cakes going, a very good baker. 

I had my last week at work before I start my new job. They brought me these lovely flowers and a massive bar of galaxy chocolate which is my favourite. I'm super nervous about my new job but excited for something new. 

On Saturday Chris and myself went out for a couple of drinks at a pub in fulking. Their chips and wine are lovely. We then went down to the marina to see friends and have a drink with them, it was a nice end to a good Saturday. 

How nice does melted white chocolate look?? I made some cupcakes, which are mostly gone now thanks to Chris. 

It was Father's Day today, my dad made such an amazing lunch  and dinner. He is amazing, thank you for all you do for me :) 


Last weekend we all went to wildlife, it was such a fun weekend. I think George Ezra was the fave of the weekend for me! 


Chris and myself went off to Berlin for a short break and it was so nice to get away. It is such a big city and our feet hurt so much due to the vast walking I insisted upon...

Berlin Gate

The Reichstag 

Sign at Check Point Charlie

We went to the zoo, which was huge. Defiantly worth a visit! 

The entrance to the Zoo 

The Christmas shop