Cakes and Father's Day.

I have had a good weekend with family, friends and Chris. Mostly eating... I now have a major food baby.

Mothers made a super lush cake. She makes the best cakes going, a very good baker. 

I had my last week at work before I start my new job. They brought me these lovely flowers and a massive bar of galaxy chocolate which is my favourite. I'm super nervous about my new job but excited for something new. 

On Saturday Chris and myself went out for a couple of drinks at a pub in fulking. Their chips and wine are lovely. We then went down to the marina to see friends and have a drink with them, it was a nice end to a good Saturday. 

How nice does melted white chocolate look?? I made some cupcakes, which are mostly gone now thanks to Chris. 

It was Father's Day today, my dad made such an amazing lunch  and dinner. He is amazing, thank you for all you do for me :) 

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