A catch up from March and April

March and April have been super busy month with something happening every weekend. Although it's been lovely to catch up with everyone I could do with a day to sort everything out. 

I had my childhood friends 21st birthday in Brighton which was lots of fun, we have grown up together and it was nice to spend the night with her. My friend from London also came down for it so it was a great night catching up and drinking wine. 

We then went out for our other friends birthday, he was turning 31. We went to my hotel which I am now converted to pornstar martini's and then went off to cote for a late dinner. The drinks and food were lovely and we did not stop laughing the whole time.

A couple of weekends back we had the naming of the new lifeboat at Shoreham, the weather held off for most of the day which was good considering it was mostly outside. I finely got a ride in it with Chris which was pretty cool although I am definitely not a water lover. I like my feet firmly on the land!!!

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