Bouldering and cupcakes

This week has been super busy, one of my favourite days was on Tuesday and I demolished around 5 pancakes which were overloaded with Nutella (the only topping to have?!?) I now want pancakes every day, who ever invented the pancake is a diamond. 

I made red velvet cupcakes for Valentine's Day, the other half and I don't celebrate it as a day however I can't resist all of it and thought I would make a batch. They were lovely and super yummy, I don't have that many left... I topped them with freeze dryed raspberries and had brought red gel colouring however they defiantly looked more pink than red! I even put the whole tube of colouring in, oh well! 

We went bouldering in Portslade which is basically climbing without the ropes. I wasn't all that sure I would enjoy it however I was pleasantly surprised! The going up was fine, I stuck to the easy grips, it was the coming down I wasn't all that sure on... But we are going again and I had a great time. My body felt as though I went through a bush backwards though, I ached soo bad. *I have no biceps at all* the next day I had a class booked at the pool and by Thursday I was just dying. 
We have also booked our holiday, we are off to Italy, I am so excited!! 

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