1st blogging birthday

On the 8th of February my blog will be 1! Although I've not been the most consistent with it I have enjoyed it as a learning process. I started this blog as a project to keep me occupied during a job I really didn't enjoy, to use it as an outlet. I have always read blogs and thought that I could give it a go, I wasn't looking to turn it into a job and I'm still not, in fact this last year I've really enjoying it as a hobby. It's nice to have something on the side that's my own little space. 

I've decided for the year ahead to *try* and post weekly (although we'll see how that goes!!), I have learnt a new skill through blogging and Im really enjoying it. I'm going to throw myself into it more seeing as personally life has calmed down (finally-for one minute) and see where this journey takes me.

My aim for this blog was to note down my musings and use it like an online diary. A year on and it's so nice to look back and see what I got up to, and I reckon I'll like it even more as the months go on.   I have listed my 3 favourite memories via blog posts below;


Berlin was so good, it was lovely to be with Chris and the city itself is pretty unique. The funniest part of that trip was the Asparagus buffet evening- literally nothing but asparagus.  Now we like asparagus as much as the next person but not enough for a whole buffet of the stuff. I mean I swear there's only 4 or 5 ways to have it?! The best bit was the zoo though, anything with giraffes is a winner for me.


We took our new car for a road trip to Cornwall in August, we love it down there, everything is much more chilled. The beeches as well are ten times better than ours, I tried crab for the first time and now I'm converted. Over much looking forward to going back next month. 

 Lifeboat ball

In October we attended the 150th anniversary of Shoreham lifeboat. It was a pretty fancy evening at the grand, to be honest I just loved dressing up it was a lovely evening, followed by a great night out in Brighton. 

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