Chilled January

The second week of January has been a quiet one, a nice relaxing chilled week. We all went to the shepherd and dog for an almighty Sunday roast. The food there was perfect. We sat outside which they have covered over, it's almost like a barn, with heaters and these pretty amazing light bulbs. *that's when you know you're getting old* 

I also tried out a new gel nail varnish, the colour is called macchiato and it's a lovely nude subtle brown. 

We have also brought ourselves a new table, it's second hand and huge but it will be a good project for the months ahead as it needs to be sanded down and re painted/varnished, definite work in progress. 

All in all the week was fine up until Friday morning when I lost my shoe at the train station while getting on the train. It was a very special moment to say the least! 

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